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Bachelor of Arts (BA)

CCPR is one of the few universities in the country that offers a specialization in Communication and Public Relations at all three educational levels: undergraduate, master, and doctorate.

The undergraduate programs are available both for secondary school graduates with a baccalaureate diploma, and for those who wish to pursue a second specialization after they have already obtained a bachelor’s degree. The bachelor’s degree awarded by CCPR is a state diploma that is officially recognized.

CCPR offers two undergraduate study programs: Communication and Public Relations, and Advertising. The offer includes places financed from the state budget and places with tuition fee. All undergraduate programs take three years to complete.

Professional perspectives: public relations, advertising, psychology, media, political marketing, communication management, trade and political negotiations, political analysis, crisis management, human resources, international public relations, project management.

The Communication and Public Relations program was accredited by the Government Decision no. 916 from 11.08.2005, published in the National Official Gazette no. 766, 23.08.2005, and the Advertising program has been certified by the Government Decision no. 749, 24.06.2009 published in the National Official Gazette no. 465, 06.07.2009.

BA studies are available in English and Romanian.

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