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Scientific articles

  • Gaitanaru, A. (2016) Behavioural cognitive patterns within the virtual environment. Euromentor Journal, March 2016. ISSN 2068-780X
  • Borțun, D. (2016). The public interest as the compass of the public administration reform. Transylvanian Review of Administrative Sciences, Issue No. 47 E – in print.
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  • Săvulescu, R. (2016). Brand-urile în era Web 2.0. Conținutul generat de consumatori. București, Tritonic

Book chapters

  • Gaitanaru, A. (2014) The Social Internet - A Matryoshka of Medium and Content: From the Information Society to the Knowledge - Based Society (capitolul 1) in Web 2.0 - Education and Politics: The Social Media Revolution. LAMBERT Academic Publishing. ISBN 978-3-8473-2425-6

International conferences

  • Borțun, D. (2016). Semiotic Approach of Communication. The Secondary Game and the Secret of Power on People. International Conference Semiosis in Communication: Knowing and Learning, organized by SNSPA and Roehampton University, IASS-AIS. Bucharest, Romania