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Bianca Cheregi


Lecturer, PhD

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Bianca-Florentina Cheregi is a PhD Lecturer and a program coordonator of MA in Brand Management and Corporate Communication. She is also a member of the Communication, Discourse, Public Issues Lab (CoDiPo), affiliated to the Center of Research in Communication and in the academic year 2017-2018, she was a ”Spiru Haret” fellow, wining the Best Paper Prize in Arts, Media and Migration at The Migration Conference (Lisbon School of Economics & Management, 2018), with the paper  ”The new diaspora” and interactive media campaigns: the case of Romanians migrating to the UK after Brexit..

Her areas of interest include nation branding at a macro (nation branding, city branding) and micro (personal branding, commercial branding) level, migration, semiotics, marketing and branding in the digital era, and aspects of social media and consumer behavior. Latest publications - book: „Nation Branding in Post-Communist Romania. A semiotic approach” (, 2018), book chapters: „Artificial Intelligence: The New Tool for Cyber Diplomacy. The Case of the European Union” (Bârgăoanu & Cheregi, 2021, Springer), „Romanian universities: The use of educational marketing to strenghten internationalization of higher education” (Fiț, Panțir & Cheregi, 2022, Springer), article: „Branding Romania in the Age of Disruption. Technology as a Soft Power Instrument” (Cheregi & Bârgăoanu, 2020, Journal of Media Research).



  • Branding through social media
  • Brand Identity in Digital Contexts
  • Consumer behavior
  • Marketing and brand communication