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Valerică Dabu


Associate professor, PhD

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Dabu Valerică, PhD is Associate Professor at SNSPA and former judicial police  officer, prosecutor, and leader of various structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Public Ministry. Thus, based on a rich professional experience in law enforcement, specialising in criminal law and criminal procedure, and a constructive critical spirit, has published several books among which: About right and art of defence (1994), About the responsibility of the policeofficers, prosecutors and judges in the criminal procedure (1997), Legal liability of the public employee (2000),  Communication Law (2001), Constitutional Law and Political Institutions (2000) and others. In over 140 articles published in Romanian and foreign journals he criticised some regulations incomplete, deficient, unconstitutional, civil and criminal  questionable sentences, uneven practice in law enforcement, and he contributed to solving many controversial issues formulating proposals for lege ferenda in areas such as corruption control, tax evasion, fraud, money laundering, preventive measures, the legality of evidence and others. He is among the founders of Penal Law Review, member of its editorial board as well as other national journals (Journal of Criminology, Romanian Journal of Intellectual Property Law). Since 2003 he is also trainer in training of magistrates at the National Institute of Magistracy. His ability in practicing law, allows him to illustrate with edifying and current examples, which facilitates learning and deepening knowledge disseminated in courses and seminars. He promotes a rigorous scientific spirit, and insists on practicality, efficient and useful applications of disseminated knowledge.



  • Communication law
  • Labour law
  • Business law