Update: As the conference will take place online, the participation fee is 40 Euros.

We invite semioticians, communication scholars, researchers and their colleagues in the humanities and the social sciences to contribute papers that address specific topics of semiotics, especially cultural semiotics, semiosis in communication as well as other topics related to semiotics and communication, from both theoretical and empirical perspectives. The theme proposed for this third edition of the international conference Semiosis in Communication is Culture, Communication and Social Change and focuses on the role of culture in social change, on the contemporary cultural dynamics, as well as on the necessity of studying and understanding the cultural environment in relation to the technological advancement (digitalization of culture, media and digital literacy and emergence of transmedial spaces of communication, etc.).

The conference is organized in several panels, which will address specific topics, such as: Semiotic of Culture/Cultural Semiotics; Semiotics & Communication, Relations between Media; Culture & Society; Semiotics, Cultural Diversity & Intercultural Dialogue; Semiotics of Cultural and Social Issues & Practices (literature, translation, cinema, advertising, space, everyday activities); Research on the integration of cultural semiotics, data analytics, digital culture studies & creative industries’ studies; Communicative Practices in Social Media Cultures; Semiotic & Media Literacy; Semiotics & New Media; Communication & Social Change; Sociosemiotics & Multimodality; Semiotics, Culture & Brand Communications; Applied Semiotics, etc.

Papers accepted to this conference can be presented either within one of the four panels (see below) - the list of panels will be expanded and updated -, or in the open sessions:

Paper submission

Applications for presentations consist in only one document:

Co-authored papers are welcome.
Papers are delivered in 30 minutes presentations (20 minutes talk followed by 10 minutes of debate).
Please, submit your proposal to: sorin.dragan@comunicare.ro or dragan.nicolaesorin@gmail.com by January 31st, 2021.

Only one paper for each participant (as a first author) will be accepted. The official language of the conference is English. The authors will receive confirmation via e-mail.

Important deadlines